Ages 13 & Older
With a blended style of worship, contemporary music and traditional Pentecostal hymns, the music department ministers to all ages and walks of life. Music was used throughout the whole Bible in times of war (battle cry), times of peace, times of meditation, times of sorrow, etc. Music is the gateway that leads one into the throne room of a Holy, Loving, Righteous, Almighty God. Through music and worship, all will have the opportunity to “draw closer to God, while He in return draws closer to them.” 
Ages 12 & Younger
The Children’s Ministry Team here at CRCOG have a vision and heart to see the lives of children changed for Jesus Christ. From upbeat, high-powered praise songs to illustrative Bible lessons, Kids Church here is anything but boring. With events such as Vacation Bible School, Back to School Bash, Harvest Festival, off campus trips, etc., your children will always have something fun and exciting to be a part of each month. Your children will get the opportunity to serve others in the community by participating in service projects and ministry related activities within the local church as well.
Ages 13-18
With high-powered, up-to-date praise and worship music that is theologically sound and heart changing, relevant messages, this team believes it has a winning strategy to defeat Satan and his attempts to steal our young people. The student ministry department here at Columbia Road has adapted a new mission and vision with the core values of Jesus Christ and His commission: Steady, Persistent, Unyielding, and empowered by God’s Holy Spirit. If you want to change this world like Jesus did with twelve disciples, most of who were actually very young adults, then come check us out.
Ages 55 & Older
This group refuses to grow old, and partnered with their actions, one would never know they are senior adults. This backbone of our church is involved as prayer warriors, prayer mothers for our younger children, special event coordinators, benevolence committee, choir members, Sunday school teachers, greeters, council members, friends, etc.