The Carpenter's Hands (Men's Ministry)
Mike Corbett

               To coin a famous slogan by franchise building company Home Depot, men are supposed "to be built to know how" to lead as Godly examples in their homes. Men are called of God to be the Priest, Prophet, Protector, and Provider for their families. Not only are men supposed to be loving husbands and mentoring dads, they are also called of God to help be leaders within their churches and communities. The Men's Discipleship here at Columbia Road Church of God strives to help all men reach their God given potential and become exactly who they were made and intended to be through and in Christ. Please come visit us sometime as we may be eating breakfast, working on a service project, building sets for church productions, or simply having a fellowship meal/ Bible study here at the church. For more information, please contact the church office. God bless and remember you were "built to know how."